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Customer Support

The CCBill Support Department is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year with live technical support.
Phone: 888-596-9279
Fax: (480) 449-8820

Customer FAQ

I forgot my user name / password: click here

Seach / Cancel subscription: click here

On this page you can manage your account, send requests about your account, cancel, look up user names or passwords: ccbill customer service

To cancel your account Click Here

If you experience difficulties viewing your account information or cancelling your subscription online, please contact our customer support department by phone.

CCBill Customer Terms and Conditions


Sign Up & Subscription Info:

What is the CVV2 thing I need to state when signing up?

It is a new thing for your credit card safety. On the back of your credit card you have some numbers, the CVV2 numbers are the three last digits see fig.

How will the billing appear on my credit card or bank statement?

"CCBill.com" will appear on your credit card billing statement or bank statement for all charges made.


I am having trouble signing up and I know I have a valid credit card.

In almost every case for such a decline, there was a typo or a field not entered. Our security measures to protect your credit card prevent anyone from entering incorrect information. If you are still getting declined after several attempts, use another card, if you have one, or disconnect and dial in again after a while so that you will not be declined based on too many attempts on the same card from the same computer during a specific time.

Still having problems after this? Contact CCBill support. https://www.ccbill.com/system/support.cgi

Or, send us an email support@ClaudeChristian.com and we will send you instructions how to sign up without credit card.


What if subscription prices change?

The monthly cost will remain the same for you for the life of your membership, no matter if the prices have been changed. This also is valid for recurring membership.


What is the best deal for becoming a member?

If you want to do a bargain, then sign up for 3, 6 or 12 month.

You can also stay member using the recurring membership option.