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When Lucy emailed me with an attached photo and said she wanted to meet me I immediately asked her if she could come over. So a couple of days later she came to my apartment for the first time late one evening. At first she was a little shy but when I asked her to go to my bedroom she just smiled and went to the bedroom. She was now relaxed. She looked gorgeous. During some meetings next few days we played around. Please enjoy this beauty.

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Video Lucy gets naked

Lucy came over, dressed in a nice pink top, jeans hot pants, white stockings and high heeled black boots. No bra! No panties! She was relaxed and told me she was horny. Actually I know she's always!!! horny. I had her slowly undress in front of me. Then lay on her back legs fully spread and I then teased her pussy... her hard sensitive clitoris. Members please enjoy this private video clip.


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Lucy came over to my place one evening, our first meeting. I had her go to my bedroom. She had on a colorful cute dress... no bra, no panties! I told her to get naked... It was obvious she liked showing off, showing me her lovely body. She looked gorgeous.She made sure to show all of her body... I then told her I wanted to see her masturbating using a big rubber dildo. She smiled and first standing doggy she showed off her firm lovely ass. Then used the dildo teasing her pussy. Pushing it deep inside. She was already slippery wet. Members please enjoy my 60 selected very private pics.

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I had Lucy in my bed. All naked. Horny! Relaxed. I had to touch her, make her wet. I had her lay on her back. Legs spread. Started with very nice body oil all over her breasts. I knew she has extremely sensitive nipples. I made sure to tease her breasts and nipples... her nipples became rock hard. I then moved down, starting fingering her now dripping wet warm pussy. Her clitoris was hard. It took only a short while then she had a soft loooong orgasm. Members please enjoy this private video clip.


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Lucy can't get enough. In my bed she stands doggy. Pushing her big ass up. I take a big rubber dildo and pushes it inside her pussy... she immediately takes over... fucking her pussy slowly in front of me. Members please enjoy this private video clip.


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Late one evening. Lucy came over. She told me she wanted to make me horny!!! She went to my bedroom, took off her top and skirt! She was wearing exclusive crotchless pantyhose and cool high heeled leather boots. She noticed I loved seeing her naked, showing off her amazing breasts... hard sensitive nipples... her lovely tight pussy and her firm perfectly formed ass! She admitted she was horny. Actually admitted to me that she's always horny... Members please enjoy my 37 selected very private pics.

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