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Dorothy - preview

Dorothy is an extremely lovely charming woman. Her body is stunning. And her breasts are absolutely *10". Perfect in any way. Must be one of the top 5 breasts I've ever seen. Her completion is perfect, her skin soft as silk. She came over a couple of afternoons. It was a treat having her in pantyhose, cutting them open. In exclusive garter belt and stockings. And all naked.

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Video Dorothy cut pantyhose

Dorothy is at my place. Only in pantyhose, submissive. She wants to be tied. I tie her on the low table. Arms and legs tied secured to the table. I then slowly cut and rip open her nylons and take them off exposing her lovely naked body. She admits she's horny, her pussy is wet. Members please enjoy this private video clip.

Dorothy in bed

Dorythy was horny, relaxed. She was laying in my bed slowly masturbating, her legs spread and just letting one finger caressing her clitoris. I took my camera and went into the bedroom. She looked beautiful in her elegant garter belt and old fashioned stockings. Her breasts are absolutely perfect, round and firm with extremely sensitive nipples. Her ass is round, perfectly formed and firm! And her long legs are so smooth, the inside of her inner thighs are like silk. And touching her inner thighs makes her pussy flowing. She told me stockings make her feel like a woman! A horny woman! Members please enjoy my 33 selected private pics.

Dorothy garter belt and stockings

Dorothy is a beautiful lovely woman with stunningly amazing breasts. I loved having her at my place in garter belt and stockings, and nude. Here she is in my living room. Golden garter belt and sheer stockings. She looks stunning. Dorothy has the most amazing beautiful breasts. Small C size and absolutely perfect. With nice big areolas and extremely sensitive nipples. Her breasts are full and heavy. I have her show off her body, breasts, legs, spread her legs and show me her beautiful perfectly formed firm ass. Members enjoy these 24 private personal pics.

Dorothy standing in golden garter belt and stockings

Dorothy loves wearing garter belt and sheer exclusive stockings. No panties! She came over and undressed. She was wearing a lovely golden garter belt and dark sheer matching stockings. I had her stand in front of me. I just had to admire her beauty. She's got the most beautiful breasts, perfectly formed with lovely big areolas. Her nipples are extremely sensitive and her breasts are amazingly heavy. She told me she absolutely loves having her breasts touched with oil, while being licked to orgasm. I had her turn around and show off her perfect round... big! lovely ass. She told me she could tell she made me horny. She loved it! Members enjoy these 28 private personal pics.

Dorothy cut pantyhose

Dorothy came over. She was wearing a nice tight dress, black pantyhose and high heels. No bra! No panties. She looked absolutely gorgeous. She was relaxed, in a teasing mood. She sat down in my bedroom. Took a scissors and slowly started cutting open then nylons. Making cuts all over, and making sure to totally exposing her pussy, spreading her legs too! Members enjoy these 48 private personal pics.