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Veronica Carso - preview

Veronica Carso, one classy woman! I had her at my place a couple of afternoons. Always relaxed, always charming. Always willing to show off her beautiful body. This woman can tease! She can dress, elegantly... trashy and always with class! She's got looks like a movie star. And her body... well... in my humble opinion... just perfect. I had her tied (up on sexysettings.com) and in nylons and nude. She was totally relaxed and showed off how extremely horny she is! Please enjoy.

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Gallery Veronica pantyhose

Veronica is so beautiful. I love her classy looks. Her perfect body. She was dressed in a lovely top, short skirt, black pantyhose and high heels. I was late one afternoon. She was horny. When she took off the top I could see her nipples being erected. I had her take off the skirt, the top. Them show off her lovely ass and legs in the nylons. Then told her to take off her shoes, then slowly have the nylons come down, then off. Having her all naked, relaxed, horny... well, it was a treat. This woman loves to tease, to make a man horny, wanting her! Members please enjoy my 36 selected private pics.


Video Veronica Carso - pantyhose

It's late afternoon. I have Veronica in my living room. Wearing black pantyhose and high heels. We are both relaxed. Veronica is horny. I have her show off her lovely body in nylons. Ass, legs, feet. Have her take off her shoes, her feet look lovely in the nylons. She shows off her amazing ass. Then have her take off the nylons. I love her naked body. Members please enjoy this private video clip.

Gallery Veronica in bed pantyhose part 1 / 4

Veronica is one classy Lady. She came over and looked just stunning. A nice top, elegant short skirt, sheer exclusive pantyhose and white high heels. No bra! No panties! She was horny, wanted to tease me. We went to my bedroom. I told her to slowly show off her body, staring with her amazing legs in the nylons. Members please enjoy my 26 selected private pics.


Gallery Veronica in bed pantyhose part 2 / 4

Veronica shows off her amazing ass an legs in the exclusive sheer pantyhose. I love her classy elegant looks, her beauty. Members please enjoy my 20 selected private pics.


Gallery Veronica in bed pantyhose part 3 / 4

Veronica had her pantyhose down. Exposed her stunning body. She was horny. This woman loves to make a man hard! She told me she could feel her pussy being warm and wet. Her clitoris hard and pulsating. Her nipples needed attention. Members please enjoy my 18 selected private pics.


Gallery Veronica in bed pantyhose part 4 / 4 - exposed

Veronica! well what can I say. A beautiful classy woman. And so nice too. She makes you feel top! She's so relaxed with you. She loves to make you hard and want her. Here she shows her body, spread legs. Members please enjoy my 20 selected private pics.


Video Veronica Masturbating to orgasm

Veronica Carso is at my place one late afternoon. She's on her back in my bed. Legs fully spread. Her nipples are erected and sensitive, her clitoris is hard sensitive and pulsating.She teases her nipples, then slowly finger her clitoris until she reaches and intense soft orgasm. She need more so I do finger her clitoris to yet another mind blowing orgasm. Members please enjoy this private video clip.

Gallery Veronica shows off

Veronica came over. Under her coat she had dressed to impress me. Black corset, black crotchless pantyhose, cut all over. Black high heeled leather boots. She was relaxed, showed me her lovely body, ass, pussy. Members please enjoy my 30 selected private pics.