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Jasmine - preview

Blonde, tall, slim, and horny... that is Jasmine. A nice girl that loves to fuck. I had her at my place a couple of times and she showed me how horny she is. She loved when I had a vibrating dildo in her pussy and had her orgasm. I had her in nice exclusive pantyhose too, and she looked lovely. Loooooong legs and a round nice firm as to go with the legs. She also admitted she's submissive and loves being used by a man. That she loves to give head. She also told me she has sexual fantasies about being used and fucked by several men at the same time. One after the other filling her pussy with cum. I loved spending time with her. She's a very nice woman, soft and easy to talk to. She loved being naked, and walked around in my apartment in only high heels. Occasionally caressing her tits, her nipples or even her pussy. She said her body is so sensitive to touch. I loved it, looking at her naked body and it made her nipples rock hard and her pussy flowing making her inner thighs wet.

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Gallery Jasmine in exclusive pantyhose

Jasmine is dressed in a super tight pink tube dress, and exclusive pantyhose, no bra, no panties. She looks fantastic. Slowly she has the dress down and shows her small tits, then has the dress up and expose her lovely ass and legs in nylons. The fabric is see through and I can see her lovely pussy through the fabric. Members please enjoy my 26 selected very private pics.

Gallery Jasmine shows ass in pantyhose

Jasmine is so beautiful. This blond elegant woman has a lovely body. Small breasts, her ass is a woman's ass, big round and firm. Slowly she undressed exposing her expensive pantyhose. Members please enjoy my 30 selected very private pics.

Gallery Jasmine in bed

Jasmina told me she could feel her pussy being wet. I told her to lay down on my bed and spread her long legs. Told her to caress her pussy while I was looking. She did, she lay there moaning, telling me she needed to orgasm. She looked lovely her long legs and round firm ass looked very nice in very exclusive pantyhose. I played with her and soon had her orgasm, her body shivering and the strong orgasm made her moan with pleasure. Members please enjoy my 84 selected private pics.

Video x 2 Jasmine in pantyhose masturbating - vibrating egg on clitoris

Here I have Jasmine horny in bed in exclusive pantyhose. In front of me she starts caressing her tits and nipples. Then has her hands inside her pantyhose and caresses her pussy. She then uses a vibrating egg and has it over her clitoris, first caressing her pussy with it, then leaving it inside her pantyhose and uses the remote to change the vibrating mode... until she orgasms.

This session follows the one where Jasmine masturbates in front of me using a vibrating dildo to orgasm. She still have the vibrating egg in her pantyhose on her clitoris, she's still horny!!! She blindfolds herself, lay on her back, spread her legs and lie waiting. I know she's submissive and a horny slut so I secure her to the bed. Then using the remote control I have the egg vibrating shifting from one vibrating mode to the next, there are 7 of them. Soon she starts squirming, moaning and her body shivering, she soon has a strong orgasm. I remove the blindfold and she smiles, saying she just loved it.

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Video Jasmine nude sprads her legs

Jasmine is all naked, she walks around my apartment and just drives me crazy. Her slim body looks just fantastic, her small tits are cute with small but hard nipples. Her ass is firm and her pussy is tight, and wet. I tell her to lie down in my bed, tell her I want to see her touch herself. I give her some nice oil to use and while I am standing looking at her she puts oil all over her body. And she spreads her legs for me. I know she needs to be fucked, as she always wants... She's now so relaxed I play with her further, making sure she's on her back, legs spread and can't move! Members please enjoy this private video clip.

Gallery Jasmine standing naked

Jasmina is naked. It's late one night. She' still have on nice small socks and high heels. She knows I just lover her body. Her long slim legs, her full round ass, her shaved wet pussy, her small lovely tits with super sensitive nipples. She told me she loves to be fucked from behind standing pushing her ass up. At the same time being caressed on her nipples, and on her neck... She promises me that she will orgasm... Members please enjoy my 54 selected private pics.