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Ariel - preview

Ariel is a slim cute shy girl with red hair. Her body is in perfect proportions, slim waistline, small round breasts and an ass that is perfect, big, but not to big and round, perfect for her body. The first thing she told me was that she wants men to like her. Young men or old men, all men. She also told me she does everything, everything a man wants.... that she wants to experience everything, at least once. After our initial contact we met several times, always in the afternoon. She was always shy when she came but after a while she got more and more comfortable. I could see this girl needs sex. She was dripping wet from the beginning and always wanted more than one orgasm. I just loved having her masturbate in front of me and see how she slowly got more and more aroused and finally orgasmed, always a long orgasm that left her totally exhausted, just lying there with her legs all spread and her inner thighs wet. Members enjoy my private pics and videos with Ariel.

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Gallery Ariel gets naked

This is from a sunny afternoon. Ariel is at my place. She had undressed and showed me her nice lingerie, a tight top, strings, stay ups and high heels. The top is very see through and her nipples are clearly visible... nice sensible nipples. She's relaxed, a little tired, she wants to have a cool afternoon, she needs to orgasm. I sit down in front of her and she slowly turns around showing me her body, I tell her to get naked, and slowly she takes her panties and top of. Her ass looks fantastic and her small firm breasts definitely needs some attention. I can see in her eyes she needs to be fucked. Members please enjoy my 60 selected private pics.

Gallery Ariel takes off her wet panties

Ariel whispered in my ear that she was wet, very wet. She lay in my bed and showed me, had her dress come up. There was a nice wet spot on her panties. She said she had been wet all morning. When she woke up she had masturbated but now she needed more. I told her to take her panties off and lay on her back and spread her legs... Members please enjoy my 62 selected private pics.

Gallery Ariel shows her tits and pussy

This time Ariel was shy. But she wanted me to look at her. She wanted me to tell her that she is beautiful. First she pulled down her top so I could see her small firm breasts. Her nipples are pointy, sensitive to touch. She then lay down and stretched her legs... turned around and had her skirt come up and showed me her firm small ass. Then she lay on her back and spread her legs and caressed her pussy slowly. Members please enjoy my 54 selected private pics.

Gallery Ariel shower

All naked in my bathroom. Ariel takes a nice long shower. And she makes sure to show off her body. I love how big and firm her as is! Members please enjoy my 33 selected very private pics.

Ariel shows off body in bed

Ariel came over to my place. Dressed in a beautiful dress. No bra! Panties and white stay ups. I had her lay on my bed and told her to show me her body. She had the dress up and I saw that her panties were wet from pussy juice. She was horny. Members please enjoy my 58 selected very private pics.

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