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Simone - preview

Simone is a beautiful woman. She's got nice breasts, a slim waistline and a big ass. I loved having her at my place. This girl definitely is horny, she's told me she's a horny slut. I had her show me her lovely body, spread her legs and masturbate in front of me.

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Gallery Simone undressing - part 1

This nice sunny afternoon I had Simone at my place. She was dressed in a cute top, short jeans skirt, white stay ups, high heels, panties and a bra. I told her I wanted her naked. That I wanted to see her hard nipples, her big round ass and her tight pussy. I told her to slowly undress in front of me, and she did! Simone is slim with a slim waistline, with nice small tits, with pointy nipples... And her ass! Her ass is amazing. BIG and round and firm and she loves to show men her ass and see the reaction. Part 1 - she shows her panties. Members please enjoy my 39 selected very private pics.


Gallery Simone undressing - part 2

Simone has undressed to lingerie. All white. Still wearing high heels. She very slowly takes off her panties. Takes off her high heels. Then takes off her white stay ups. Then her bra. Members please enjoy my 86 selected very private pics.


Gallery Simone nude - part 3

Now all nude, this woman has an amazing body. Beautiful firm breasts with pointy nipples, a slim waistline, a tight wet warm pussy, and best of all a round big firm ass. She loved being naked and knew she was making me wanting her. Members please enjoy my 16 selected very private pics.


Video Simone masturbates to a soft orgasm

Simone is all nude. On her back spread legs. She is horny. She caresses her body, her breasts, nipples, inside of her thighs and then... slowly caresses her pussy and hard clitoris until she orgasms. Members please enjoy this private video clip.

Gallery Simone nude and relaxed spreads

Simone has the most amazing body. Slim with a nice waistline, amazing breast, a big firm round ass, and a pussy that gets very very wet and drips and is open when she is horny. I loved having her at my place all naked on her back, relaxed, spreading her legs fully apart showing off how extremely horny she is, always. Members please enjoy my 37 selected very private pics.


Video Simone submissive gets her clit fingered

Simone loves to have a man touch her body. Her nipples are extremely sensitive, her clitoris gets hard and sensitive and pulsates needing wanting attention. Here she is, submitting totally. I caress her nipples and the react and get hard, then slowly touch, caress, tease her wet warm pussy and clitoris. As I caress her pussy with my fingers she reaches a soft intense orgasm. She loves it. Members please enjoy this private video clip.

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Video Simone submissive in bed legs spreaad

It's late one afternoon. I have Simone naked in bed. Arms tied above her head and the cloth I have tied her with is secured to the bed. She's on her back, spreading her legs, waiting. I have slippery body oil all over her body. Then start caressing her, massaging her breasts, her inner thighs, she loves it. Being touched, caressed makes her pussy wet. I then concentrate on her now slippery wet warm pussy. Her clitoris is hard and I give her a long intense teasing. Making sure she gets more and more horny. Members please enjoy this private video clip.

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