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Eve - preview

Eve is a girl that loves to dress sexy. She love to wear nylons. Garter belt and stockings, stay ups, pantyhose, body stockings, everything. She told me the nice feeling is that you feel dressed in nylons, but you are "naked" showing everything. When I asked her which is her favorite is she said - pantyhose - definitely pantyhose!!! I had to ask why? And she said - I love exclusive pantyhose, the sheer 10-15 den, they are comfortable, the make my big ass and my big thighs look fantastic.

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Gallery Eve shows off her body spreads

When Eve came over she had dressed in pink and white. Cute top that showed her hard nipples through the fabric, short skirt and garter belt and stockings. I told her I wanted her to slowly undress in front of me, that I wanted to see her breasts and have her spread her legs for me, and she did! Members please enjoy my 60 selected private pics.

Gallery Eve in seamless pantyhose Wolford Fatal

Eve is so cute. She's always smiling. She told me she loves being with men, young men, older, and preferably strangers. She love to met men once, or twice... and show them how horny she is. She loves to be used and will try anything you want to do to her. She said that men especially loves her round ass and that her pussy gets extremely wet. Her favorite is to be fucked from behind, first slowly then hard, have a big load shoot deep inside her... then having the dick in her mouth tasting cum and pussy juice... sucking and licking for a long while while she masturbates to orgasm. As she was telling me this she undressed in front of me, kept on her seamless pantyhose and shoes! She lay there and I could see her pussy through the fabric and the crack of her ass, her inner thighs where already wet. I told her to have the pantyhose down and lay on her back legs spread and masturbate for me. She knew I wanted to have her wet and horny! Members please enjoy my 59 selected private pics.

Gallery Eve gets wet wearing pantyhose

Eve was in my bathroom one late night. I opened the door and told her to show me her body. She had on very exclusive pantyhose that showed of her nice legs and round ass. And a pink top... I could see her nipples thought the fabric. Had her show me her lovely breasts, her nipples where rock hard and pointy and I think she had been touching herself in the bathroom before I came in. Probably she had been touching her nipples and her pussy through the fabric of her pantyhose. there was a wet spot that was large between her legs. As she showed me her ass she pushed her ass up... I knew she needed to be fucked hard from behind! I told her to take a shower and give me a wet t-shirt look and to make her pantyhose wet too! She obeyed and I could see in her eyes she was horny. I knew that she would take off her top and pantyhose in front of me and bend over to be fucked hard. Members please enjoy my 70 selected private pics.

Video Eve pussy wet nipples hard

Eve had just taken of her skirt, had her top come up and exposed herself in front of me. She sat caressing her small firm breasts and pinching her nipples. Her nipples were rock hard. Her legs were spread and her pussy was wet and open. She said she love to touch herself and masturbate and have a man look at her. And preferably a stranger, like me, a man she had just met! Members please enjoy this private video clip.

Video Eve wearing Wolford Fatal pantyhose

It's a sunny afternoon. Eve has come over to my place. I have her undress but keep her seamless exclusive pantyhose on. I tell her to stretch out and touch her body as I look at her. Her pussy is totally visible through the fabric, her ass too as she turns around. I then have her have the pantyhose down and lay in front of me and caress her tits and pussy. She's now wet! Members please enjoy this private video clip.