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Cindy - preview

Cindy is a submissive lovely woman that loves to have her body touched. This girl needs to orgasm and the best way for her is to be used, touched by a stranger and fucked. To have to obey! Not having 'sex' but being fucked! This girl has long legs and a pussy that is always open and wet. She loves to wear pantyhose and told me her pussy is always flowing and making her pussy and inner thighs slippery and wet. So, she said, she's always ready for sex. She loves to wear a short skirt and pantyhose, then let a man, a stranger have his hand up under her skirt, touching her ass... then her slippery inner thighs... then her wet warm pussy through the fabric of her pantyhose. Most men then tell her they want to fuck her.... most often they try to go to a garage and find a dark corner. She bends over, has the skirt come up and pushes her ass up. There are two types of men, she told me, on that has her pantyhose down and fucks her slowly, not talking....  the other that rips her pantyhose open and fucks her hard and telling her she's a horny slut, a bitch... a dirty whore!!! She loves both types!!! Both leaves her filled with cum that slowly comes out during the day... On the videos with Cindy you can see how horny she immediately gets when she's blindfolded, knowing she will be used! Members enjoy my private pics and videos with Cindy.

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Video Cindy in pantyhose

First meeting. Cindy is relaxed in my bed. Shows off her beautiful legs in pantyhose. Members please enjoy this private video clip.


Gallery Cindy in pantyhose

Cindy has on a nice top and wearing pantyhose. She's relaxing in my bed, it's a late afternoon and she's horny. She lies there caressing her inner thighs, caresses her pussy through the fabric. I tell her to take her top off. She then touches her breasts and I can see her nipples being hard already. I have her lay down, blindfold her and have her lie on her stomach. Her ass looks just lovely in the pantyhose. I take a scissors and cut open the nylons, take oil and caress her now exposed ass, and between her legs, finger fuck her dripping wet pussy. Members please enjoy my 35 selected very private pics.


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Gallery Cindy in cut pantyhose and licked

Cindy is in my bed. Blindfolded, arms tied. She's in ripped open pantyhose. She has to spread her legs. She gets licked by a stranger she has just met. She's horny! Tied! Members please enjoy my 54 selected very private pics.


Gallery Cindy tied gets licked

Cindy is waiting in my bed. In a nice top and pantyhose. Then she has her pantyhose ripped open and gets licked to a strong orgasm. These are screen caps from the video. Members please enjoy my 24 selected very private pics.

Video Cindy in cut pantyhose licked to intense orgasms

Cindy is at my place, one late afternoon. I have her in my bedroom. Blindfolded, in pantyhose. I cut open the nylons, tie her arms. I have slippery oil on her body. I then caress her, finger her pussy, my finger teasing her clitoris. Her nipples are now rock hard. I then slowly lick her to several mind blowing orgasm. She is horny as hell. She told me the feeling was intense and her pussy pulsating from her orgasms. Members please enjoy this private video clip.

Video Cindy in black stay ups gets licked to orgasm

Cindy gets extremely horny when a man (or woman) licks her pussy, licks her clitoris, suck on it and licks deep inside her wet warm slippery pussy. She told me the feeling is extremely intense and she reaches orgasm after orgasm and her gspot is pulsating. Members please enjoy this private video clip.

Gallery Cindy sofa - shows pantyhose

It's a sunny afternoon at my place. Cindy has come over and she's horny. She has taken off her skirt. She has on a super tight top, no bra, nice pantyhose, no panties and high heels. I have her show me her body. Have her show me her small tits, then stretch her long legs, then stand doggy so I can admire her firm ass. Members please enjoy my 42 selected very private pics.