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Vanesa - preview

Vanesa wanted to show me how horny she is. This girl loves two things, nylons and have a stranger touch her. She came over a couple of times and we played. I had her always in nylons. And touched her body, she loved it. Having her body touched by a stranger made her so horny, wet. And she loved being blindfolded too, she said she felt more vulnerably then. Not knowing what would happen. She always wore nylons, pantyhose or stockings and garter belt. And she always obeyed whatever I told her to do.

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Gallery Vanesa in ripped pantyhose

I knew Vanesa was coming over to my place. So I told her I had left the front door open, that she should enter and undress, keep her pantyhose on, lay down and wait for me. And she did. She knew the video camera was recording, undressed then lay down on her back waiting. I knew what she wanted, to be touched, having her pantyhose ripped open, having her breasts, ass, inner thighs and pussy caressed with oil, then having a vibrating dildo in her pussy...then... Members please enjoy my 77 selected very private pics.

Gallery Vanesa in pantyhose

Our first meeting. Vanesa is dressed in a nice top, skirt, pantyhose, high heels. No bra, no panties. She wants to show how horny she is. She sits and has her skirt come up. Showing her legs in nylons, showing me that she has no panties. In front of me, she slowly gets undressed, keeps her pantyhose on and spreads her legs slowly caressing her body, her breasts, her inner thighs and her pussy through the nylons. Members please enjoy my 60 selected very private pics.

Video Vanesa in ripped open pantyhose

Vanesa comes to my place. She slowly gets undressed taking off her top, her bra, her skirt, keeping her pantyhose and high heels on. She lays down on her back, waiting. I come into the room, start caressing her body, her nylons. Then take my scissors and cut open her pantyhose exposing her ass, legs and wet pussy. Members please enjoy this private video clip.