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Alexis - preview

I have wanted to met Alexis for a long time. I love her looks! This girl is a real woman. Her mentality is nice, this girl is super sympa! And her body is to die for. She's slim but still has a woman's body. Slim waistline, nice generously big lovely heavy breasts. An ass that is round, beautiful and firm. And her pussy, always wet! She loves to try new things, and loves to dress sexy. So we had no problem choosing clothes for each meeting. And she loves to get totally naked too. When we met I had brought stuff I wanted her to wear, like the tight dress and matching stay ups on pics above. But she also had nice clothes, mostly black and dangerous! And she told me she loved the crazy thing having her nylons, pantyhose totally wet in the shower and the bath.

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Gallery Alexis in pink

Alexis came over one afternoon. In pink! Pink tight tube dress, nice stay ups and high heels, no bra, no panties. I told her to go to my bedroom and undress. Slowly she walked to my bedroom, knowing I was looking at her. She slowly took of her dress, slowly her shoes, slowly her stay ups and then took on cuffs. Then lay waiting on her back, legs slightly separated. Members please enjoy my 69 selected very private pics.

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Video Alexis in pink and exclusive stay ups

Alexis, well... wow!!! amazing!!! yes she's all that! This is just a video from a private session... she goes to my bedroom and slooooowly undresses... her exclusive stay ups look just fantastic! I then go into the bedroom.... Members please enjoy this private video clip.


Gallery Alexis in pink

Alexis is dressed in a tight tube dress and stay ups and high heels, nothing more. She teases and shows her lovely tits, her round ass, her inner thighs, her long legs in nylons and her pussy. Members please enjoy my 85 selected very private pics.

Gallery Alexis in black

Alexis brought some of her own outfits and we selected a black one for this evening. Nice black bra, a garter belt /corset and black stockings, and high heels. No panties! She said the outfit made her feel sexy, and horny. I had her take off the bra and admired her big full heavy breasts... her nipples are super sensitive she admitted. And that she loves having lots of oil on her tits. I then had her show me her body from every angle, her ass and her wet open pussy. Members please enjoy my 46 selected very private pics.

Gallery Alexis in black corset garter belt and stockings

Alexis is dressed in a short corset garter belt and black stockings and high heels. She stands on her knees, doggy, legs together pushing her ass up. Her pussy is exposed from behind. Her breasts are hanging down. She tells me she loves being fucked doggy. Members please enjoy my 30 selected very private pics.

Video Alexis in black nylons

Alexis is on her knees, doggy. She's dressed in nice black nylons. She gets blindfolded then having her neck and back and her tits caressed, touched, manhandled. Members please enjoy this private video clip.

Gallery Alexis in wet pantyhose

It's one late late evening. Alexis has undressed and gone to the bathroom, I follow! I tell her to keep her nylons on and get wet. She takes the shower and slowly makes her body, her pantyhose wet. She spreads her legs. The she slips into the bathtub and gets totally wet, on her back she spreads her lovely nylon dressed legs fully apart. Members please enjoy my 70 selected very private pics.