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Donna - preview

Donna came over to my place a couple of times, in the afternoon, and late in the evening. This girl has a body to die for, all natural. Her breasts are just amazing, her slim legs wonderful and her small round firm ass just lovely. And her pussy is wet and tight. This girl loves sex, loves to show her body. Loves to have strangers use her. Loves to make men horny and let them fulfil their sexual fantasies using her. Each time she came over we played with different nylons. She loves.... nylons. Nylons makes her even more horny. And the prof of that is that her pussy gets dripping wet. She told me using a dildo and having it vibrating on her clitoris through the fabric of her pantyhose makes her orgasms intense, long deep orgasms that make her pussy warm and flowing.

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Gallery Donna in black seamless pantyhose

Donna undressed in front of me. She had on lovely seamless black pantyhose that showed her legs nicely. I could see her pussy through the fabric. And the nylon stretched beautifully over her round firm ass. I had her show me her body from every angle. Members please enjoy my 62 selected very private pics.

Gallery Donna in exclusive pantyhose

This late afternoon I had Donna at my place. She was undressed in exclusive lovely pantyhose and high heels. I had told her I like to have her in nylons whenever she's at my place. In nylons or naked. And she willingly obeyed. She knows her body is perfect. She loves to look at herself in the large mirror I have in one of the bedrooms. And she loves showing her body for me. And I love having her in nylons or even naked, during her stay. I must say it again, this girl is all natural. No tattoos, no fake tits. And her body is to die for. Her long slim legs and her firm lovely ass made the nylons look as they should, fantastic. She later admitted being in nylons or naked in front of me made her horny. And I could tell as her pussy always became dripping wet. Members please enjoy my 59 selected very private pics.

Video Donna in exclusive pantyhose masturbates to orgasm

Donna goes to my bed and lies down. I am standing some distance away and I am looking at her, admiring her lovely body. She knows I am there and starts touching her body all over, caressing her body through the fabric of her exclusive pantyhose. She then uses a vibrating dildo over her clitoris through the fabric until she orgasms on her back, her legs fully spread. Members please enjoy this private video clip.

Gallery Donna in pantyhose uses pink vibrating dildo

As Donna was touching herself, caressing her legs, inner thighs, ass and pussy through the nylons she knew I was watching at her. She looked gorgeous in the exclusive pantyhose. This girls body is lovely. Slim, firm. All natural!!! Yes, her tits are all natural! Amazing! She told me the dildo was fantastic, she used it through the fabric, teasing her clitoris. Members please enjoy my 103 selected very private pics.

Gallery Donna in stay ups

Donna is dressed in a white net dress, lovely stay ups, no bra, no panties. And a slave collar. I have her go into my bedroom, have her undress in front of me, and keep her nylons on. I have her show me her body from every angle. Members please enjoy my 47 selected very private pics.

Gallery Donna in exclusive stay ups - just been fucked

Donna told me wearing nylons makes her feel feminine and makes her horny. And we both love exclusive nylons. They are expensive but make the woman look just fantastic. Donna loved these nylons. And they looked just fantastic on her. Touching her legs and her feet through the fabric is very exciting and we bot loved it. In these pics She's just been fucked, just had an orgasm, had her pussy filled with cum. Her keeps her legs separated showing me her open pussy. Members please enjoy my 22 selected very private pics.