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Kitty - preview

This girl is super nice. Kitty is 20yo and a real woman, but also still a cute girl. She told me she loves to dress sexy. Short skirts, tight tops... so men look at her. Her favorite treat is to have the skirt come up in public showing her inner thighs, showing that she's not wearing panties. Or having a tight top and no bra so her nipples are clearly visible, hard and pointy. At first when we met she was a little shy, being with a total stranger she had just met! But when I told her to slowly get undressed in front of me, keeping her nylons on, she immediately obeyed and loved every minute of our meeting. She said showing her body made her pussy wet. And I enjoyed every minute too. This girl has lovely small tits, a round firm ass, loooong beautiful legs and nice feet. And her pussy was all the time dripping wet.

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Gallery Kitty shows her legs and ass in pantyhose

Kitty is a super cute girl, just 20yo. I met her and had her get naked, in nylons. And she loved it. She told me she loves sex, loves the feeling in nylons. And best is pantyhose. Having her legs touched wearing pantyhose, having her pussy touched wearing nylons... makes her so horny, her pussy wet. When she came over she had dressed in a nice top, corset style. Short jeans skirt, lovely expensive pantyhose and high heeled boots. I had her undress and show me her legs and ass and pussy through the nylon fabric. Members please enjoy my 72 selected private pics.

Gallery Kitty horny in pantyhose

Kitty is undressed, just keeping her exclusive pantyhose on. She has just told me that she likes being a horny slut, and that she wants to obey. I have put on a nice slave collar and she looks just lovely. This girl will do whatever you want her to do. Members please enjoy my 37 selected private pics.

Gallery Kitty in red lingerie

This shoot is from late one night. I had Kitty undress, keep her red lingerie on and told her to lie down on my bed. I had put on a collar and arms and legs cuffs. She stretched her long firm legs, turned around and showed me her round firm ass... Members please enjoy my 41 selected private pics.

Gallery Kitty sleeping beauty

Horny and tired. Kitty dozed off and I grasped the opportunity to get her sleeping on video and pics. She was so secure, felt relaxed. Even if she was visiting a stranger. She loved showing her body... and she loved the lingerie and the cuffs too. It was nice looking at her as she moved in her sleep. Members please enjoy my 28 selected private pics.

Video Kitty sleeping - dildo pussy teasing to orgasm

Kitty has undressed to lovely red lingerie, she's sleeping in my bed. She gets blindfolded, has her bra and panties off, has to lay on her stomach legs fully spread. I tease her dripping wet pussy with a vibrating dildo. Members please enjoy this private video clip.

Gallery Kitty in nylons

Kitty is horny. In nice stay ups. Submissive, cuffed. She shows me her body all over. Her nipples are sensitive to touch, her pussy dripping wet. Members please enjoy my 35 selected private pics.