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Felicia - preview

Felicia is a young woman that is extremely horny. This cute kitten loves sex. And she loves nylons. And she loves to show her body... to strangers. This girl is petite with super soft skin, nice small breasts with extremely sensitive nipples. And she told me she's always wet. As we played around a couple of late afternoons she said she loved trying on different nylons, learning how different they feel and make her look. I also treated her to some pantyhose ripping... and she loved it too.

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Gallery Felicia in sheer nylons

Felicia loves nylons. So do I! She came to my place an afternoon, before going home. She said she was horny, that she could feel that her pussy was wet. I had her undress, keep the nylons on. First she had on an nice bra and lovely elegant shoes. She stretched her legs and said she loved having me look at her. She then took off her bra. Her tits are super nice, small with extremely sensitive nipples. She sat relaxed and caressed her breasts, her nipples, then her inner thighs spreading her legs. I could see through the fabric that she was dripping wet. Slowly she had her hands inside the nylons softly caressing her wet pussy. Members please enjoy my 46 selected private pics.

Video Felicia in pantyhose her pussy is wet

Felicia is relaxed. Sits with her legs slightly spread. I can see that her pussy is dripping wet through the nylons. She slowly caresses her small tits, her pointy nipples respond immediately and get nice and hard, she moans. She then caresses her inner thighs, then her wet warm pussy through the fabric. Members please enjoy this private video clip.

Gallery Felicia in black exclusive pantyhose

I had Felicia try on some very exclusive black pantyhose and she looked just fantastic! Her slim legs and small ass are just so sexy, and even more so in the black nylon. She said she liked dressing up and she loved how the pantyhose made her look. Members please enjoy my 28 selected private pics.

Gallery Felicia transforms from cute to a submissive horny girl

Felicia told me she is shy, but that she wants to be a horny girl. Here you see a transformation from being a cute lovely girl in pantyhose, to pleasing a man, being tied spread. She admitted just fantasizing about being wet and having to please a man made her dripping wet. Members please enjoy my 55 selected private pics.