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Samantha - preview

Samantha is a super nice lovely girl. She loves to try out new stuff and is willing to do what ever you want to do to her. She has a nice smile, nice small tits, super soft skin, she loves to be caressed all over. Her ass is big and round and her legs make nylons look great. She told me she's always wet, always ready for sex. Loves to have sex with strangers, young men or older. I had her at my place one long afternoon and we played around lots. She loved it.

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Gallery Samantha in exclusive pantyhose and high heels

Samantha is at my place its a nice sunny hot afternoon. She has taken off her clothes keeping her exclusive pantyhose and and nice high heels. She's excited showing her body to a stranger. She can see that I like what I see. This girl has nice small tits, a big round ass and lovely long legs. She stands and shows me her body from every angle. Members please enjoy my 33 selected very private pics.

Gallery Samantha in pantyhose dildo on pussy

Samantha is on her back on my low table. She has on nice pantyhose. She starts using a vibrating dildo on her pussy, through the fabric. It makes her super horny. I sit beside her and have her blindfolded and put the dildo inside her nylons, just over her clitoris and it vibrates and she moans and her body shivers. Members please enjoy my 38 selected very private pics.

Video Samantha is horny in pantyhose

Samantha is horny. She's on her back on the coffee table and has her legs spread. She uses a vibrating dildo on her pussy through the fabric. Members please enjoy this private video clip.

Gallery Samantha in wet pantyhose

Samantha was visiting. I heard the shower. Took my camera and went in. She was wet, still wearing her nylons. She told me the feeling of water and nylons is amazing. I told her to show me her body and she did, slowly turning around. Her ass and legs looked fantastic in the wet pantyhose. Her sensitive nipples reacted as she touched them, getting pointy and hard. Members please enjoy my 48 selected very private pics.

Video Samantha showering in nylons

Samantha is in my shower. Showering still wearing her nice blueish pantyhose. The water is warm, she loves the feeling. She slowly shows me her body from every angel. Members please enjoy this private video clip.