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Dominica - preview

Dominica is a girl that you would love. She is super friendly, super "sympa". She is a girl that makes you feel fine! All fine, appreciated. She will do whatever you want to do to her, and she will love it. Her body is amazing with super soft skin, super sensitive to touch. If you caress her neck, her back down to her lovely round ass. Then caress her nipples, pinch her nipples hard. Then she will start moaning and her body shivering as she gets extremely horny. When you then touch her pussy you will feel she is already dripping wet, separating her legs wanting you to finger fuck her, then tease her clitoris. Finger fuck her hard and she will reach an intense orgasm immediately. I had her at my place a couple of afternoons, had her show off her lovely body, to show off how horny she is.

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Gallery Dominica shows legs in nylons

Dominica is dressed in a nice dress, blue pantyhose and high heels, no panties, no bra. Slowly she undresses, keeps the nylons and high heels on. Then makes sure she shows off her body from every angle. Members please enjoy my 90 selected very private pics.


Gallery Dominica nude in high heels

Dominica has a body to die for, all natural. Soft skin sensitive to touch. Lovely breasts with nipples that get hard when you suck them. Kiss her neck and her pussy will immediately get dripping wet. Members please enjoy my 34 selected very private pics.


Gallery Dominica at home - part1 - gets dressed in black

Dominica is at my place. In a white towel, naked under. She takes off the towel and starts to get dressed , slowly. She takes on an exclusive black tube dress. Then slowly takes on black pantyhose, slowly... then takes on her exclusive high heeled boots. She makes sure the nylons are on as they should. Makes sure she looks amazing. Then walks away... Members please enjoy my 111 selected very private pics.


Gallery Dominica at home - part2 - in pantyhose uses dildo to intense orgasm

Dominica is at my place, its a sunny afternoon. She is relaxed. She has undressed but is keeping her exclusive pantyhose on. She sits down laid back, legs spread, touching her inner thighs and her amazing heavy full natural breasts. Her nipples are already sensitive, her pussy already wet and warm and aching for attention. She takes the exclusive dildo, makes it vibrate, uses the different settings. She teases her nipples, her pussy, has the dildo just on her clitoris and lets the pantyhose push the dildo on her pussy. She soon reaches an intense orgasm, then one more even more intense. She told me later she loves to masturbate, needs to masturbate and reach orgasm's at least a couple of times a day. And needs to fuck too. Members please enjoy my 121 selected very private pics.


Video Dominica in black pantyhose uses dildo to orgasm

Dominica slowly gets dressed in a black tube dress, black elegant panties and high heeled boots. She leaves the apartment. Later she comes back, slowly takes off her tube dress and boots. She is relaxed, she is extremely horny. She sits down laid back, legs spread. She uses a vibrating dildo on her wet warm pussy, directly on her sensitive clitoris until she reaches one, then one more intense orgasm that makes her pussy dripping wet. Members please enjoy this private video clip.


Gallery Dominica in white - part1

Dominica loves to show off her body. Here she is all in white. Lovely bra, panties and stay ups, and high heels. I can see her nipples through the fabric. She tells me her pussy is warm and wet. She willingly starts showing off her body from every angle. Members please enjoy my 29 selected very private pics.


Gallery Dominica in white - part2

Dominica looked just lovely in the white outfit. Now she wanted to get naked and show me her amazing breasts, her wet tight pussy and nice ass. She took off her top, then her panties. Then made sure I got a nice close up view of her body parts. Standing doggy was a treat to see, also her spreading her legs fully apart. Members please enjoy my 53 selected very private pics.


Video Dominica in cut open pantyhose - orgasm frenzy

Dominica have had her pantyhose cut and ripped open. She's got a Lelo vibrating dildo egg inside her pussy pulsating on her gspot. I have a vibrating dildo on her hard now extremely sensitive clitoris, and at the same time finger hard and deep her wet warm pussy. She reaches orgasm after orgasm. As I leave her in bed the pulsating dildo egg inside her continues to pulsate and stimulate her gspot and gives her orgasm after orgasm. Members please enjoy this private video clip.