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Nikki Dream aka Nikky Dream - preview

Nikki is a super nice super charming woman. She will admit to you without hesitation that she loves sex, that she is a very horny woman. I had her over at my place a couple of afternoons. Had her in lovely pantyhose and stockings. As she got naked in front of me she could see that I just loved her cute tits. Her nipples are amazingly lovely. Nipples you want to caress, pinch and suck on. During our hours she made sure to show me how extremely horny she is.

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Gallery Nikki in pantyhose

Nikki came to my place a sunny afternoon. I told her to show off her body, her legs and ass in pantyhose. She took off the sheer top, showed her amazing heavy breasts with nice large nipples. She then made sure I could admire her legs and ass in the pantyhose. Being sure I also admired her lovely feet. Members please enjoy my 75 selected very private pics.


Gallery Nikki gets naked

Nikki is dressed in a red tight top, jeans hot pants, white stay up stockings and high heels. No bra, no panties. She knows I want her to go to the bedroom. Slowly she undresses. Makes sure I admire her lovely breasts. Hen amazing nipples, big puffy areolas. Then undressed, in only her stockings she shows off her body from all angles. Spreading her legs fully apart exposing her wet warm pussy. Members please enjoy my 60 selected very private pics.


Video Nikki gets naked goes to the bedroom

Nikki came over, horny. She immediately undressed, took off her top, her jeans hot pants (no bra no panties). and shoes, then slowly walked up to my bedroom. Members please enjoy this private video clip.


Gallery Nikki undresses - part 1

This afternoon Nikki came over, dressed in en elegant short black dress. Lady like. Black elegant stay ups and high heels. As usual, as she knew I like... no bra, no panties. We had some hours to spend. Nobody knew where she was, alone with a stranger. Showing off how horny she is. I told her to make a slow strip tease. She slowly slowly showed more and more of her body, then had the dress come off. Members please enjoy my 44 selected very private pics.


Gallery Nikki undresses - part 2

Now without the black dress, only in black stay ups and high heels. Nikki is so beautiful. I love her heavy breasts with large puffy areolas. Her lovely big round ass. And her tight wet warm pussy. She loved being naked. Loved making me horny. She told me she could feel her pussy getting wet. That her nipples were swollen and pulsating. That her clitoris wanted to be touched, licked. She made sure to show off every angle of her lovely full body. Members please enjoy my 44 selected very private pics.


Gallery Nikki nude - part 3

Nikki got naked, only in high heels. Standing in front of me she was horny. She showed off her heavy perky breasts with big puffy areolas. She turned around and pushed back her big round ass spreading slightly so her pussy was visible from behind. Her pussy was all shaved and wet and warm. She told me her clitoris was pulsating, that she could feel how her pussy was producing pussy juice. Standing naked she told me she wanted, that she needed to orgasm. That she is a very very horny girl. Members please enjoy my 33 selected very private pics.