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Ani - preview

Ani, I just love her. This girl is as they say in France "super sympa". Not only "sympa" but super nice to be with, a smiling and happy girl. It was a treat having her over a couple of times at my place. She told me she is shy but at the same time loves to show off her body, to show how extremely horny she is. She loves both men and women and her perfect night is with a nice man and a very very horny cute woman. I had her at my place a couple of afternoons and a late night. This girl is super sympa, nice, happy and smiling. Makes you feel good just being with her. It was a treat her wanting to show how horny she is.

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Gallery Ani in black pantyhose

Ani is dressed in a tight tube dress and seamless exclusive pantyhose, and high heels. No bra, no panties. She looks amazing. She teasingly shows off her round ass and lovely legs in nylons. Then has the dress off and makes sure we can admire her lovely perky breasts, her full round ass and perfectly formed legs. Members please enjoy my 91 selected very private pics.


Gallery Ani nude - full gallery

It's an afternoon. Ani is at my place. She immediately undressed. She looked so relaxed, so horny. I had her go to my big red leather sofa and stretch out. I admired her lovely perfect body. I just love her perfect full heavy perky breasts. With nipples that get lovely hard and pointy. I told her to show me her amazing round ass.. and to sit in front of me spreading her legs fully apart. Showing a tight wet warm open pussy. Members please enjoy my 52 selected very private pics.


Video Ani gets wet in pantyhose

Ani is at my place, it's late one evening. She's in my bathroom. Taking a shower. Still wearing her pantyhose. I enter carefully with my video camera. She pretends I am not there. She uses the shower making herself wet all over with nice warm water. She uses soap all over her body. I can see her nipples are rock hard. Then she takes off her nylons. Members please enjoy this private video clip.

Gallery Ani wearing an apron doing housekeeping - full gallery

I had Ani undress, keep her white stay ups and high heels on. Told her to take on an apron. She looked super cute. Playing and doing some housekeeping in front of me. Making sure her nipples were visible and definitely that I could admire her lovely round ass. Members please enjoy my 25 selected very private pics.


Video Ani housekeeping in an apron

Ani loved playing doing some housekeeping wearing a pink cute apron. Her nipples exposed, her ass exposed. In the bedroom she found a blindfold and couldn't resist trying it on. Members please enjoy this private video clip,