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Sandy is a very petite woman. She has a lovely smile and a very nice body. She is very very slim and has just fantastic firm breasts. With nipples that are clearly visible through the fabric of her top. I just love that. Her ass is also very nice and rather big on that slim body. Also very firm and round. I have been aware of her existence for some time and finally I got her to come to my apartment. When I opened the door I liked what I saw. She was dressed in a pink top. No bra! And a very very short skirt. After some initial talking she jumped in my bed and said - Claude, you can do whatever you want to do to me. During the next 5 hours I played with her. And I loved to see how her pussy became more and more wet. She said to me she loves sex. Being so petite every Man is big for her, and she loves it. She loves being f-cked doggy and also being pressed agains the wall having the Man lifting her up and then enter her deep, very deep and hard, from behind. I promise you it was a treat having her naked and spreading her legs.

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Gallery Sandy gets naked

This shoot is from minutes after Sandy has arrived to my apartment. She looked lovely. She immediately said - Claude, I am horny, feel my nipples. She took my hand and had it come up under her t-shirt and I felt her breasts, her nipples where rock hard. She held my hand over her breasts and said - "Can you feel how hard my nipples are... and my pussy is wet". Pinching her nipples I said - "Show me... I want to see you naked and spread... show me how wet you are". Sandy is very petite, very cute. And has extremely sensitive breasts. And her pussy is very tight, but she can manage every size. In this shoot you have some nice close ups, her pussy closed, then slightly open, then fully open, ready to be fucked. Members please enjoy my 65 selected private pics.