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Karolina - preview

Karolina is a 25yo cute sexy girl. Her body is slim and firm. Small breasts with sensitive nipples. Her ass is lovely, round and firm. Her pussy tight and gets very wet and opens when she's horny. Her orgasms are intense, very intense, she moans and screams loudly and nearly faints as she orgasms. Often several orgasms, one after the other. She loves to dress in nice lingerie, loves tight dresses, exclusive pantyhose and stockings. When she wears dresses and pantyhose she never uses bra or panties. It was nice, very nice, having her at my place a couple of late afternoons and late evenings. She dressed differently, always very nice. Lots of Wolford stuff, dresses, skirts, pantyhose. She told me she loves being in front of the camera and also being on video. Loves the thought of men and women looking at her naked body... getting horny.

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Gallery Karolina in all Wolford

Karolina came over late one evening. Dressed in all Wolford. Nice dress and tights / pantyhose. Black elegant high heels. No bra, no panties. She was horny. I told her to stand in front of me and show off her body. Members please enjoy my 48 full gallery selected very private pics.


Gallery Karolina in Wolford pantyhose

Karolina slowly had the tight see through Wolford dress off. Showed off her exclusive Wolford pantyhose. Her ass looked lovely, could see her pussy through the fabric. She loved getting naked, this girl loves making men, and women, horny, wanting her. Members please enjoy my 45 full gallery selected very private pics.


Gallery Karolina nude

Karolina is totally relaxed nude. She loves to be naked, loves to show off her body. Loves when men and women admire her nudity. Being naked makes her horny, her nipples get sensitive, her pussy gets wet and warm. Her clitoris and gspot start pulsating, aching for attention. Having her naked this late evening was a treat. She told me she loves to make a stranger (man or woman) want her. I admired her body as she stood naked in front of me, showing off her body slowly turning around. Members please enjoy my 18 selected very private pics.


Video Karolina gets dressed

Karolina has just taken a shower. Comes into my bedroom in a towel. The clothes are on the bed for her. She likes what she sees. She take on white stay ups. She loves the nylons. Then the lovely bra. Then some cute panties. She then takes on an exclusive Wolford skirt. Then high heels. She feels lovely, knows she looks lovely. She lays relaxed on the bed, stretches her legs. She feels good. Members please enjoy this private video clip.

Video Karolina takes on cuffs - gets naked - waits

Karolina told me she loves to be submissive. We where at my place. She was dressed in a cute night dress. I had prepared some cuffs, a leather necklace and a blindfold. She takes on the cuffs, arms and legs. Then the necklace. She takes off the dress and panties. Her slim body looks amazing. She takes on the blindfold and lays in my bed on her stomach, waiting. Members please enjoy this private video clip.


Video Karolina vibrating egg inside pussy

Karolina is at my place, nude and cuffs on. She lays on her back in bed. Spreads her legs fully apart. Takes the dildo egg, makes it vibrate with the remote control. Uses it all over her pussy, stimulates her clitoris. Then have slippery body oil all over her body. She caresses her sensitive nipples, inner thighs and her now dripping wet pussy. She takes on a blindfold. Lays relaxed on her back, spreads fully and waits. Members please enjoy this private video clip.

Video Karolina in bed reaches several mind blowing orgasms

I just had to put this private video up here on claudechristian.com. Not only was Karolina a very nice "sympa" beautiful woman. She also showed how extremely horny she is. This girl is horny!!! She told me she needs to orgasm several times a day. Alone or with another girl o a man, or several, preferably stranger that want to use her and make her cum. This video is from late one evening. She has already masturbated using a vibrating egg. This is later, she is even more horny. I have her on her back. The vibrating egg is inside her pussy, a vibrating dildo on her clitoris. And I make sure to help her reach orgasms, one after the other. She is sweaty, her body is oily, her pussy is dripping wet. She reaches orgasms that make her body shiver and her moaning. After she told me the long session was just so enjoyable, leaving her totally satisfied. Members please enjoy this private video clip.

Gallery Karolina gets naked

Karolina one late evening, in lingerie. Nice bra and panties, white stay ups and high heels. She shows off her body. The slowly takes off her bra and panties. She is relaxed, she is horny. She makes sure to show her round firm ass, spreads her legs fully apart. Members please enjoy my 75 selected very private pics.


Gallery Karolina striptease

Karolina is dressed in an elegant Wolford skirt. A nice bra, only, no top, panties and white stay ups. She slowly takes off the skirt, then the nylons, then the bra, then the panties. All naked she shows off her slim body. Members please enjoy my 93 selected very private pics.


Video Karolina gets wet

Karolina is dressed in a pink dress, no bra, no panties. She starts wetting the dress. Then takes it off and slowly sensually takes a hot shower. Members please enjoy this private video clip.