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Gallery Sheridan nude

All naked in front of me I tell Sheridan I want to see how horny she is. She leans back and spreads her legs, touches her nipples that harden nicely, have her legs fully apart and show me her pussy. She then says - Claude, I love to be fucked doggy... So show me I say to her, she stands on her knees and bend forward, her ass in the air, legs apart. I look closely and see her pussy is wet. Members please enjoy my 22 selected private pics.

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This was a treat. Having this cute woman at my place. And she was soooooo horny! She eagerly showed me her beautiful body. Her nipples were erected, her pussy dripping wet. Members please enjoy this private video clip.

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Sheridan was in my bed. She had only panties on and lay there caressing her body, her breasts and had her fingers in her panties slowly caressing her pussy. She lay there horny, very horny, eyes closed and moaned from time to time. She knew I was standing in the room, looking at her. I said - Is Sheridan a horny slut tonight? She opened her eyes and smiled and said - Yes, Sheridan is very horny, my pussy is so wet. Slowly she separated her legs for me. Her panties where soaked through, the thin fabric was wet and showed her pussy perfectly. She lay there eyes half open and caressed her pussy through the fabric. I know she easily gets wet, just by thinking about sex. And she easily orgasm. She once told me men get very horny when they are to fuck her and as they feel her pussy for the first time it's dripping wet, and then, when they start fucking her, every man loves, she told me smiling, as she immediately has an orgasm as he starts penetrating her. Her orgasm makes her pussy flow with pussy juice and opens to give the man easy access. Then as her orgasm continues her pussy starts squeezing and milking the dick. She can reach several orgasm from being fucked and the best one, she told me, is when the man fills her with cum. That realy makes her cum to. She then loves to lick the man clean, making him hard again. Members please enjoy my 49 selected private pics.